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Susan Grossey

Thinking about Crime Limited is run by me, Susan Grossey. I was born in Belgium, went to school in Singapore and university in Cambridge and am an English graduate and a fully qualified teacher. After a peculiar career path which encompassed teaching English at secondary schools, working in a children’s bookshop, lying to shoppers in C&A about how marvellous they looked, and writing instruction manuals for jet aircraft and choc- ice wrapping machines (although not all at the same time), I discovered the subject of money laundering in 1993 and have been hooked ever since. I now specialise in the subject of money laundering to a degree that some people might call worrying.  Officially, I provide training, advice and on-going support to clients who wish to meet their legal obligations, educate their workforce, and avoid the reputational damage that inevitably results from being caught up in a financial crime investigation.  Unofficially, I try to create a supportive environment in which MLROs and their staff can express safely and openly their concerns and questions about money laundering.  I take it as a great compliment that many clients feel comfortable enough to call or email me to discuss a thorny issue - and this also keeps me on my anti- money laundering toes. Many other consultancies and training organisations now offer anti-money laundering training.  However, I believe that my training is different thanks to my teaching background, which has equipped me to gauge my audience and adapt my approach accordingly, resulting in training that is compliant, effective and entertaining. I genuinely love delivering training, whether to junior members of staff, Board members or Money Laundering Reporting Officers, and do everything I can to ensure that those who attend have every opportunity to ask questions and participate as much as they like, to get the very best from their training session.
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