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Edward Jones is a Money Laundering Reporting Officer at Radleys Bank. In common with other MLROs, he has to balance legal requirements, recalcitrant colleagues and sniffy customers.  He first appeared in the pages of Money Laundering Bulletin, and is now being published as a serialised e-book on the Kindle platform.  (Free software from Amazon can be downloaded to enable iPads, iPods, Windows PCs and Macs to download and read Kindle e-books.)

Part 1: Chapters 1-3

Our intrepid hero survives the (thankfully temporary) suspension of the Money Laundering Regulations, the discovery that one of his account managers has disappeared with a lot of money, and the realisation that he needs to train all of his staff - including his nemesis, Director of New Business Giles Ferguson. To buy Part 1, click here:

Part 2: Chapters 4-6

Edward gets to grips with the joy that is staff AML training while coping with cheating colleagues and failing lawyers. His life improves slightly when a keen new compliance officer joins the team - but then points out that the corporate AML manual is a disaster. And then the long unlamented Jack Greenway comes back into view as Edward and his team receive a top-quality SAR - from, of all places, the new business department. To buy Part 2, click here:

Part 3: Chapters 7-9

The gradual unravelling of the relationship of Radleys Bank with the Marmalade Mining Company in Peru. Edward grapples with the aftermath of refused consent from SOCA, and discovers just how inadequate his record-keeping procedures have been.  And just as he manages to get all of that under control, the Bribery Act 2010 rears its ugly head.  Being the MLRO of a private bank in London is definitely not for the faint-hearted. To buy Part 3, click here:

Part 4: Chapters 10-12

Edward wrestles with upgrading the staff vetting procedures in his bank, much to the horror of Jenny in HR. He then deals with his own geographical inadequacies that are highlighted by the acceleration in sanctions.  And just as he pauses to catch his breath, Director of New Business Giles Ferguson comes to him with a family problem that soon turns into a money laundering concern... To buy Part 4, click here:

Part 5: Chapters 13-15

Edward starts to untangle the web of connections between staff at his bank, their families and close associates - and a corrupt PEP.  Realising that the FSA is now focussing on high risk money laundering situations, and the treatment by banks of high risk customers and particularly PEPs, Edward and his compliance colleagues tackle their approach to enhanced due diligence.  And a childhood friend of Edward's resurfaces to give him some much- needed support and encouragement. To buy Part 5, click here:

Part 6: Chapters 16-18

In the final three chapters published in Part 6, Edward faces an Arrow visit from the FSA, looks ahead to the changes proposed by the FATF and a new European Money Laundering Directive, and thinks about his own future - how can he contribute even more to the world of AML? To buy Part 6, click here:
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