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Several times a year I run workshops for MLROs and for others interested in AML, and I occasionally speak at conferences.  Future events are shown below - if you’re interested in attending, let me know.  And if you would like me to offer a workshop in your jurisdiction, again, let me know and we’ll look at how to make that happen.



Guernsey, 16 November


This workshop is a repeat - updated as necessary - of the MLRO XI workshop that took place in May 2017, so don’t attend both! This full-day event is the latest in my series of workshops for experienced (jaded?) MLROs, who know the job inside out but need to keep that knowledge up to date, and also enjoy engaging in debate with their peers about the very nature and purpose of the role of MLRO. The agenda for “MLRO XI” is now available, and covers such topics as Commercially Exposed Persons, modern slavery, the lifecycle of a SAR, de-risking versus financial inclusion, staff concerns, and the use of Google for CDD and monitoring purposes.  We will also have a Q&A with an officer from the Guernsey FIU, plus a full Guernsey-themed AML catch-up. It is a full, fun day held at St James, for a maximum of twenty-four people only.  And with the price frozen at £395 for the day, including daunting amounts of food (including gingerbread men), it’s good value for money. If you would like to see the full agenda and enrolment form, please email Susan.